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​The Atticus Project Monthly Speaker Series

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AI Issues in Investments & M&A

April 23
Noon - 1pm, PT

Michael Philips

Assistant General Counsel at Microsoft

Join Mike for a discussion of emerging approaches to evaluating and addressing responsible AI considerations in corporate acquisitions and investments.


Past Speakers



Contract Understanding Atticus Dataset (CUAD) v1 Overview

Wei Chen

Founder of The Atticus Project

Dan Hendrycks

AI Researcher at UC Berkeley

Collin Burns

Research Assisstant at UC Berkeley

Join Wei, Dan, and Collin for an informational talk on the release of CUAD v1, performance results, and potential use cases of the dataset.



Operationalizing Trustworthy AI in the Evolving Legal Landscape

Lee Tiedrich

Partner & Co-chair of AI Initiative, Covington & Burling

Join Lee for an overview of the evolving AI-Legal regulatory landscape, and for practical advice on how to operationalize trustworthy AI.



AI-Powered Talent Intelligence

Roy Wang

General Counsel at Eightfold AI

Lee Tiedrich

Co-chair of Covington's AI initiative

Join Roy and Lee for a lively conversation on how to build an ethical, inclusive and compliant HR AI platform and how lawyers can shape the future of talent acquisition.



AI Intellectual Property Issues in Technology-focused Transactions

John Brockland

Partner, IP and Technology Transactions at Hogan Lovells

Join John Brockland to discuss selected AI-related IP issues that arise in technology M&A, licensing and development transactions.



Transportation Transformation

Evangelos Simoudis

Founder and Managing Director at Synapse Partners

Join Dr. Simoudis for a live discussion of his new book "Transportation Transformation", and learn what the future of mobility holds and the new roles of cities, policymakers and regulators.



What’s Next for Law Firms?

Nick Abrahams

Partner & Global Head of Technology and Innovation at Norton Rose Fulbright

Join Nick Abrahams for a discussion about legal technology, new types of contracts, and the evolution of law firms during these uncertain times.

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So you want to Build AI? Legal Issues you Need to Think About

Mark Lyon

Partner + Chair of the Artificial Intelligence Practice Group, Gibson Dunn

Join Mark Lyon for a discussion of what you need to think about as you build and implement AI, and how he counsels clients to navigate new and constantly changing legal, ethical, regulatory, and policy issues surrounding AI.



How Tech Can Shape Legal Careers + How to Build a More Inclusive Legal Industry

Olga Mack

CEO of Parley Pro

Join Olga Mack to learn how technology can shape legal careers and the practice of law, as well as her efforts to advocate for professional women in the legal field and beyond.

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AI for Good

Michael Jones

Senior Director of Product, AI Research at Salesforce

Join Michael Jones to learn how to use AI for good, the importance of training datasets for AI, and his research on computer vision and NLP for commercial and non-commercial use cases. 

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Beating Humans at Dota and the Promise of Open AI

Michael Petrov

Engineer, OpenAI

Join Michael Petrov  for a lunchtime chat and Q&A about his work at OpenAI, the challenge of beating the best human Dota players, and recent developments in NLP.

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