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Merger Agreement Understanding Dataset (MAUD)

A dataset of merger agreements with rich expert annotations


Merger Agreement Understanding Dataset (MAUD) v1 is a corpus of 47,000+ labels in 152 merger agreements that have been manually labeled under the supervision of experienced lawyers to identify 92 questions in each agreement used by the 2021 American Bar Association (ABA) Public Target Deal Points Study.


MAUD is curated and maintained by The Atticus Project, Inc. to support NLP research and development in legal contract review.

• 47,000+ labels

• 152 contracts

• 92 questions



Version 1



Download here.


CC BY 4.0

Supplementary Extraction Task

MAUD-extraction v1


Download here.


CC BY 4.0



MAUD: An Expert-Annotated Legal NLP Dataset for Merger Agreement Understanding

Check out the code for replicating the results and the trained model here:

Reading Comprehension Task

Extraction Task



Attorney Advisors

Wei Chen

Ravi Mahesh

Gordon Moodie

Andy Nussbaum

Mike O'Bryan

Rita-Anne O'Neill

Anne Beth Stebbins

Patricia Vella

Daisy Beckner

Daniel Belke
Brianna Bloodgood

Polina Demina
Jason Fruchter
Zach Gennett
Mara Goodman

Jenny Hochenberg
June Hu
Paul Hubble
Hannah Kang
Eugene Kim
Brad King

Chul Hun Lee
Jonas Marson
Charlotte May
John Mills
Tyler Rosenbaum

Nancy Rubin
Hallie Snyder Sacchetta
Michael Santos
Rachel Schlobohm
Julie Siegel

Victoria Smallwood
Kirby Smith
Susie Toumanian
Rob Townsend

Tomi Williams
Mimi Wu
Jason Zhang

Student Leaders

Florian Bachmann

Warren Claiborne

Maddy Cole

Kayla Fedler

Dimitry Levkin

Arianne Marcellin-Little

David Meyers

Catherine Sakurai

Will Serio

Simran Virdi

Colton Walker


Student Contributors

Misha Aganin
Nikki Agrawal
Adam Arbonies
Logan Boyle
Paola Zaragoza Cardenales
Angel Cervantes
Aidan Chen
Haruto Cheng
Kern Chhikara
Blake Christie
Marie-Aime Cochet
Thomas Dana
Ali Darvish
Pascal Descollonges
Ali Ebshara
Isabella Gradney
Bochen (Jerry) Zhang
Justin Fan
Elizabeth Kaiser
Jessica Li
Nicholas Lin
Annaliese Martis
Samantha Mita
Zhibiao Peng
Bryant Riveria
Laura Saitta
Willow Teter
Suzanne Truong
Ge You
Shelby Young
Qing (Kelly) Zhou

Technical Advisors & Contributors

Steven H. Wang

Dan Hendrycks

Thomas Woodside

Antoine Scardigli

Leonard Tang

Oliver Zhang

Anya Chen

Spencer Ball

Andrew Albor

Chris Cagampan

Catherine Hoang

The use of MAUD, Atticus Labels and other information provided by The Atticus Project is subject to our privacy policy and disclaimer.

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